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"ABC" Page About Me

"ABC" Page About Me

Anne is my middle name.

Burgundy is my favorite color.

Cats mystify me and I am owned by 4 of them: Bandit, Mystra, Lynx, and Lola.

Death does not frighten me.

Every time I hear my husband laugh, it makes me smile.

Flights of fantasies often plague me.

Guessing games infuriate me. I hate to "beat around the bush" to find out something.

House cleaning is my nemesis. No matter how hard I try, it is the one opponent that I can never seem to overcome.

I have only one sexual fantasy that I refuse to share with anyone because to share it would ruin its effect on me.

James or Jim is the first name of the men I have dated most in my life - 4 of them.

Karma keeps me from doing harmful things to others, but it also reminds me to do charitable things.

Lori is a derivative of my real name (and no, I refuse to tell it! lol)

Music can arouse me just as much, if not more, than any physical touch can.

Nature is where I find solace and revitalization.

Orson Scott Card is my favorite sci-fi/fantasy writer.

Politics has taken over my life.

Quality time with my husband is much more important than quantity, especially with the jobs we both have.

Religious fundamentalists perturb me more than anything.

Sex and the City is my all-time favorite series.

Tanned bodies look unnatural to me, like worn leather. Pale skin is much more appealing to me.

Undergarments often become my favorite outerwear - chemises especially.

Vampires have been a fascination of mine since I was a young girl.

Witches have also fascinated me since my youth.

X-Men comics is the only comics series I have ever read and I even love the movies.

Yesteryear,bye-gone eras intrigue me because I wonder what life was like and I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era anyway.

Zoomancy amazes me and I have always wanted to learn this divination technique.

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